MHD offers a variety of Specialty Clinics to teams and groups.  These clinics are designed to be administered during one of their teams practices.  If you have a group wanting to run some specific clinics MHD can look after purchasing ice to administer these clinics.  For a brief overview of the Specialty Clinics offered please see below:

Power Skating and Edge ControlClick Here to see more information on our Power Skating and Edge Programs and Services.

Stickhandling and Puck Control- Through our stickhandling and puck control clinics we will work on a variety of stick handling and puck control maneuvers that are age specific.  These clinics begin with the basic skill sets and work towards implementing challenging maneuvers.  The most important aspects of these clinics are proper technique and hand placement.  Through repetition and systematic progressions we increase our players skills and confidence while carrying the puck.

Shooting and Scoring- Our shooting and scoring clinics teach players proper hand placement, fundamentals for wrist shots, deflections, deking, slap shots, backhand shots and snap shots.  Once the players learn the fundamentals we implement game like situations that help our participants increase their skills and abilities.

Creating Offence- This clinic teaches players how to be creative, evasive, and deceptive both individually and as a team. The creating offence clinic will teach players a variety of skill sets that can be utilized in the offensive, neutral, and defensive zones.

Developing Defensemen- Through this clinic players will learn the fundamental tactics needed to be good defensive players. Players will be taught a variety of defensive tactics which include skating, angling, gap control, back pressure, puck protection, shot blocking, offensive zone, neutral zone and defensive zone coverage and systems.

Checking Clinics- Through this clinic players will learn the fundamentals of checking which include stick checking, body contact confidence, body contact and body checking. In our checking clinics players will learn a variety of body checking tactics which include angling, gap control, body positioning, and pinning.

Small Area Games- Small Area games are a great way to increase players skills and abilities in a variety of aspects which include skating, puck control, creating offence, and developing defensive skills.

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