Chalk Talk - Video Analysis with MHD

Hockey is a fascinating game that it made up of a variety of aspects which include individual skill sets, team skill sets and overall team play.  A lot of coaches successfully teach players the basic skill sets, but struggle with letting players learn the game on their own.  Coaches often tell their players where to stand on the ice, opposed to letting the players learn from their mistakes.  In essence, minor hockey players are becoming robots on ice!

A good coach will let their team be creative within a specific system that they are trying to coach.  Most coaches instruct our players through auditory feedback on the bench.  This can be confusing to some kids, as some kids only learn through visual presentation.

As the game of hockey increasingly becomes more proactive and forward thinking in regards the ways in which we teach our participants, MHD feels that it can fill a niche in the market through video analysis.

How does this work?

MHD will meet with a player, coach and or coaching staff and discuss some of the concerns they are currently having with their team or individual performance.  MHD and the coaching staff  or player will come up with a list of items that need to be addressed.

The coaching staff or parent will video tape a game, and bring in the video to MHD.  Trevor will use a computer program to break down the game and analyze the key points that were outlined in the pre meeting with the coaches and or parent and player.

We will show clips and the info that they feel needs to be addressed.  For team using the service, the coaches and Trevor will agree on what needs to be presented to the players.

​For player using the service, Trevor will breakdown all aspects of their game and he will sit down with the player and family and analysis the strengths and weaknesses of the players performance.

For team using the service Trevor will hold a team meeting and he will present video clips to the team.  He will break down the game and show the players what they could work on to become better hockey players both individually and as a team.

This is a great way to educate your players on how to think the game, because it’s a skill set that is often over looked.

For more information on Chalk Talk  - Video Analysis with MHD please contact:
Trevor Morgan- President

Cell: 403.919.5220